Support The Okala Foundation

To educate a woman is to educate a whole nation, it is often said in Africa. Africa will not recover without a class of well-educated and trained young people. Giving is building, it is expressing love for others, it is contributing to the building of the common house: a better world.

Why Should You Donate?

It is not my fault that some don’t have food to eat, can’t go to school, dress or get proper healthcare,” said a famous French humorist. But it would be if I did nothing to help these people when I can afford it. Each one of us can modestly and in varying degrees, help change the order of things, transform lives, and provide a chance for people who, without this support, might never be able to achieve their dreams. This can be done with each one of us investing our ideas, energy, time, and resources. 

By donating, you will walk hand in hand with us in fulfilling dreams that would otherwise never be realized.