Most frequent questions and answers

At the Okala Foundation, we believe in doing what little we can to contribute to a better world by paving the way through education. We started this foundation to serve our community by offering scholarships to university students who are in financial need. We currently operate in Cameroon, the DRC and Zimbabwe.

All scholarship recipients will be announced here. We prefer to pay tuition directly to recipients’ universities to ensure that the funds are used for their intended purpose.

100% of donations made to the Okala Foundation are donated to the students who are selected by the Okala Foundation.

Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption and firewall technology to protect your personal and financial information. Most browsers will show a lock icon in the top status bar on secure pages. Look for this icon on any web page that asks for your personal information. To further ensure your security, we use state of the art SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to protect your personal information from unauthorized use. View the privacy policy. The Okala Foundation does not store credit card information on our site.

We are thankful that you have chosen to become part of our village by donating to our cause. We want to assure you that your payment and billing details are safe. We use SSL protection on our website, and our payment-processing partner Paypal is compliant with the latest internet security protocols.

Yes- all requirements listed must be met for your application to be considered. If you have further questions, please e-mail us at info@okalasfoundation.org

No, you must submit a new application every year and show proof that you meet all the requirements to be considered again.

At this time, we are only awarding bursaries to university students who meet all the requirements listed under the “Eligibility Criteria” section. If resources permit in the future, we may consider other levels of schooling.

No, part of your eligibility criteria is to have been accepted to University. We will require proof of acceptance for your submission to be considered.

Our hope is to eventually expand to other countries and maybe one day be present everywhere in the continent. Please continue checking the website for any update on that.