Evodoula-Nkolassa: in the Lekié Division, Center of Cameroon, the Okala Foundation helps students to fulfill their dreams.

The Okala Foundation, on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, gave the 5 winners of the sixth secondary class entrance competition (1st year, if you want), the equipment and school supplies necessary for the next school year. These are the first five students of Middle Course 2 of the Kalngaha Primary School who succeeded in this competition and who will thus begin their secondary studies, at the Evodoula high school about sixty km from Yaoundé, from the high school and the College of Technical, Industrial and Commercial Education (CETIC) of Nkolassa, about 80 km from Yaoundé, or the bilingual College les Bambinos in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon.

A guaranteed school year for the winners.

The five best students in this 6th grade entrance examination each received this Tuesday, August 29, 2023, from the Okala Foundation:

– payment of all registration fees for the 2023/2024 school year

– books of English, mathematics, French…

– class attire

– a schoolbag

– a pair of tennis shoes

School equipment and supplies that their families were unable to obtain, for lack of means. This assistance from the Okala Foundation will thus enable these 5 students to realize their dreams and continue their schooling.

The winners were full of praise for the Okala Foundation.

Gaston Nga Medard: “I thank the OKALA Foundation for all the things it gave me: the new outfit, the new shoes and all the schooling. I promise to work hard to win all the prizes next year.”

The mother of one of the laureates goes there in her testimony: “I thank the OKALA Foundation for everything it has done. I wondered how I was going to deal with my son who had just passed the 6th grade entrance exam. I have neither the strength nor the means to enroll the children in school. I don’t know how to thank the Okala Foundation which gave us everything. What I can say is that I thank God first. Where I am, I am a widow and an orphan, and the OKALA Foundation came to my aid”.

I was wondering how I was going to educate my children…”

She continues her testimony, her eyes watering. Because this mother of several children did not know which saints to turn to to provide schooling for her children.

“I thank God because a country is nothing without elites. We thank God and pray for the good he does for orphans. Because where I am, widow and orphan, I have nothing, nothing, nothing. I was crying because I didn’t know who was going to send my child to school. So, the OKALA Foundation took pity on me and sent my child to school. She even bought notebooks and, as you can see now that I open the satchel, I show you the notebooks, the tennis shoes, the books… Everything we asked for, the Foundation bought. She paid for everything: board, books, notebooks, school uniform… Absolutely everything for my child.

So, I thank the OKALA Foundation, I also thank Papa OKALA and I ask God to grant him the life he deserves so that he continues to help us, the poor; let him not be discouraged. We beg you dad OKALA to go ahead… I was crying because I had nothing, nothing, nothing. Thank you for buying everything, thank you dad OKALA”.

Difficult study conditions…

However, the conditions under which these students go to study at CETIC Nkolassa, as in many other schools in Cameroon, remain the other major problem for their education. For the year 2022-2023, some 150 students studied there, among other things: masonry, electricity, carpentry, accounting, and office automation, in 3 shelters partitioned into 2 semblance of classrooms each. Here, there is a total absence of workshops, materials, and equipment for the practical work of these students who have chosen these technical, industrial, and commercial courses.

Cameroon, however, greatly needs it. Studying in such conditions is a real feat. Neither the teachers nor the director of CETIC in Nkolassa have offices or sanitary facilities. These children want to study to contribute to the development of their region and of Cameroon. But the means are lacking. The five students awarded today by the OKALA Foundation are considered “lucky” in the eyes of their classmates, some of whom risk being kicked out of the establishment by next December, for lack of means to pay their tuition fees. registration or to purchase the required school materials.

To overcome some of these shortcomings and difficulties, the Okala Foundation is studying the possibility of constructing a school building with 2 or 3 classrooms, with desks and a few offices.

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