OKALA Foundation Helps Underprivileged Children Go to School in Burundi Too

A father who has been unemployed for 11 years, a mother who got by in Bujumbura central market, in the country’s capital city, selling underwears for small children. Struck by horrible fate, the mother passed away because of breast cancer in August 2023. Leaving behind 6 orphans, without resources or support to sustain them. To support her in her final days and cover medical expenses, the husband had to sell the small family house. The eldest in the family is married, but the couple is unemployed.

An equation without solution

The father has 2 little girls attending primary school, 2 other children in secondary school and 2 boys at university. Without means, and with the tragic disappearance of the one who used to keep the home running, it became impossible to send the children to school.

Through a family friend who had heard about the OKALA Foundation, the father tried his luck. He was lucky, the 6 children returned to school last September.We live it like a dream, it’s just beyond our understanding.”

Very moved by this support from the Foundation, the father had this to say: Physically, morally, and financially devastated by the disappearance of my wife, OKALA foundation flew to the rescue of my children by paying their school fees for the current year 2023-2024. My heartfelt gratitude to the foundation, I wish them success activities. Without such help, the children would be forced to drop out of school because I was unable to pay their school fees. »

The friend" of the family who brought the smile also had these few words:

We realize the value of an action when it saves a hopeless situation. OKALA foundation, although emerging, has done a great thing in front of my eyes. THANK YOU for helping the children of my best friend who just passed away from breast cancer. Having known Mr. OKALA through my work in Bujumbura, in 2014-2015, we kept in touch and through me he learned of the death and desolation in my friend’s family. Thank you for paying her children’s annual school fees to continue their studies. Thank you to the Foundation, thank you to Mr. Okala for his compassion for the people in need. Josephine. »