In Bunia, scholarships for the Congolese recipients of the Okala Foundation Scholarship were awarded.

A total of 7 students (4 male and 3 female students) from higher institutions and university in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are the lucky beneficiaries of the Okala Foundation Scholarship for the year 2023-2024. They are:

Anita UPENJIMUNGU VWAWEKA who is completing her studies in nursing;
Hassan FESALE,  1st year of a Master in Administration & Management;
Nicolas MAWANDJI MUSAKA, 1st year of Bachelor in Administration & Management;
Elie MWEBEMBEZI, 2nd year of Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management;
Omar MADJALIWA, 2nd year of Bachelor in Administration & Management;
Guilaine FURAHA BACHU, 1st year of Master in Administration & Management;
Isabelle SAMEHE KASWARA, 1st year of Master in Administration & Management;

The scholarship award ceremony took place this Thursday, December 14, 2023, in Bunia in the province of Ituri, in the east of the DRC. While sober and brief, it did not however lack emotion. The beneficiaries, very grateful, expressed their joy to being among the winners. A “luck” for some, who say they thought about stopping their studies this year, due to lack of means.

We will never forget what you do for young people in general and Congolese people in particular. Many are billionaires, but don’t do what you do. Thank you for helping us realize our dreams, because without this scholarship, I had already made up my mind to stay at home, given that my mother, who has fought until now and with difficulty to pay for my studies, had already told me last July that she no longer had the means to continue doing it. I didn’t know where to start, or what to do, to continue my studies. God put you on our path, we can only ask him to increase what he has already given you,” declared one laureate.

The president of the Okala Foundation, Jean Tobie Okala, urged the recipients “to continue to deserve our trust, by giving the best of themselves, to succeed in their academic year with excellent grades.”

Mr. Okala also reminded them that “this assistance from the Foundation is not a free check. To benefit from the foundation’s assistance next year, they must once again  meet all the required criteria, with the most important being the best among their cohort in their studies, because these are excellence scholarships“.

The Okala Foundation works for the education of young people in Africa, aware that education remains one of the important levers for the development of the continent. It is present in Burundi where it supports orphaned children, but also in Nigeria and Cameroon where it supports inclusive education, with some 70 disabled children assisted by the Foundation to date.