OKALA Foundation for Education

The first university scholarships offered by this young Foundation which works in the field of education of disadvantaged young Africans were granted to their beneficiaries on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 in Bunia in Ituri. Two first-year Law and Economics students from the University of Bunia and one from Shalom University in Bunia received their scholarships from the founder and president of the OKALA Foundation, during a sober and discreet ceremony , like the man who swore to “help young Africans, especially Africans, to achieve their dreams” through scholarships of excellence. The scholarships received thus enabled the three laureates to pay their academic fees for the entire school year in one go. A real dream for Espérance BOFENDA. Enrolled in the first year at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bunia UNIBU, she was unable to pay the first installment of academic fees. She says that she had been staying at home since the start of the academic year, for lack of financial means. The OKALA Education Foundation helped her get out of the house to go back to university. As for the two other winners of these scholarships, they say that their dream of becoming a legal accountant really took off through this unexpected boost from the OKALA Foundation. Finally, Jean TOBIE OKALA asked all beneficiaries of these scholarships to be ambassadors of his Foundation. He asked them to take this unique opportunity to move forward with their studies, while reminding them that for next year they should meet the same conditions that made them eligible, including obtaining a ” an average of 75% the previous school year.

“Africa will not develop until our children and young people go to school. The best legacy a parent can leave to their offspring is not a house or a car, but a full head. and done well through education. So I decided to invest myself in the education of young people and especially young African girls to prevent them from early or forced marriages, unwanted pregnancies, in short, these forms of ‘slavery and exploitation which do not speak their name and which keep African women in an unenviable social condition, “said Jean Tobie OKALA. Note that to learn more about the OKALA Foundation for Education, you can visit the website: okalasfoundation.org