School year 2021 – 2022: The winners of the OKALA Foundation have received their university scholarships (January 7, 2022)

The Okala Foundation – for Education proceeded this Friday, January 7, 2022, to the official handover of scholarships to the laureates of the 2nd edition. In total, scholarships were awarded to three (3) girls and three (3) boys – all are in universities and other higher institutes in the city of Bunia in DR Congo. For Cameroon, 2 female students and 1 male student are the winners for this new school year. Jean-Tobie Okala, President of the Foundation who presided over the ceremony, stressed the need for young people to go to school for the development of their families, communities, and countries. He urged the recipients to seize this unique opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.
In return, the laureates and their parents thanked the Okala Foundation for “this rare gesture of charity which relieves their suffering and allows us to continue our studies, instead of staying at home. We wondered how we were going to continue our studies this year. Then God answered our prayers and sent us this Foundation and its president for whom we ask the Lord to shower with blessings. We have nothing to give you, but our prayer is that we will kneel down to tell God to bless you more and make you a leader, ”said the parent of one of the Okala Foundation scholarship recipients.
As a reminder, it was in February 2021 that the OKALA Foundation – For Education launched its activities. It aims to help disadvantaged young Africans through university scholarships to enable them to achieve their dreams.