“Thanks to the support of the OKALA Foundation, we have witnessed an increase number of students enrolled in our school this year”.@ The Foundation, June 17, 2024.

On this Friday, June 14, 2024, on the occasion of the scholarship award ceremony for the OKALA Foundation, the director of the Kalngaha primary school in La Lekie Division in Cameroon, Jean-Charles Alfred Kelle, said these few words:

In total and like last year, there are 40 children, including 10 from kindergarten and 30 from primary school, that the Foundation supports each year in this public school. Among them, 17 girls and 23 boys.

A source of motivation for the students.

And like last year, it is the “brightest”, the first 5 students in each class, that the Foundation rewards, through a “package” that allows them to not have to buy anything for the next school year. The scholarship awarded is made up of all the school supplies needed to allow children to spend a school year free from any worries. These includes items such as:

  • notebooks
  • books
  • payment of school fees
  • school bags
  • pens
  • slates
  • water bottles
  • Pencils
  • rulers
  • compasses
  • erasers
  • school uniforms
  • sports outfits
  • sneakers
  • etc…

These scholarships are also a source of motivation for these children, to work even harder, in the hope of becoming a laureate again. This is why out of the 40 winners of the 2022-2023 cohort, 19 students (10 girls and 9 boys) saw their scholarships renewed in 2023-2024.

One less burden for underprivileged parents.

The scholarships also represent a sigh of relief for parents who are often destitute, but anxious to see their children go to school, without being expelled due to the lack of school supplies or fees.

This explains the increase in the number of students enrolled in the Kalngaha primary school, where according to its director, “last year, we had 163 students, and we went to 210 this year. We had more than 40 more students, thanks to the Okala Foundation”.

Mr. Kelle also took the opportunity to thank the OKALA Foundation for this support and “its good work in favor of the Kalngaha school complex”, while requesting more support, both for the teaching staff and for the school itself. Because he asked himself: “can we have good students without good teachers?”, before concluding with the conventional wisdom “he who receives asks for more”.