As we award scholarships for this academic of 2022-2023, I can’t put into words the pride that I feel as the other half of the founding members of this Foundation. Rewarding academic excellence has always been our main go but just helping students whose educational dreams would be shattered without these scholarships fills me with hope, joy and pride. The work we do at the Okala Foundation is a labor of love for me, a calling. To be able to give hope, allow students to dare to dream fuels me. To see young women being given the chance to pursue their education, to not limit their existence to getting married and having children; it is the fulfillment of my grandmothers’ dreams, of so many women whose educational dreams could not be achieved due to their gender. But at the same time, to give young men the drive to keep pushing, to keep dreaming beyond their wildest dreams, to believe just a little more is more that I could be proud of. I am so thankful that we are once again able to come to help to those who need it the most. Thank you to each scholarship recipient for their kind words, their devotion to academic excellence and their drive to keep pushing, despite some serious obstacles. I wish you all a great 2022-2023 academic year. Keep making us proud!

Rosette Okala